What is Frankincense? What Is Frankincense Good For? How to Make Natural Gum at Home?

The popular herb of recent times is ‘Frankincense’. It is a resin, also known as Frankincense gum, obtained from the Olibanum tree. The benefits to human health are endless.

So what is Frankincense? What are the benefits of Frankincense gum? How to use the Frankincense plant? How to make natural chewing gum at home? We researched all the curiosities for you …

What is Frankincense?

Frankincense is a tree species that grows densely in India and North Africa. Latin name ‘Boswellia cartera’ the Frankincense tree, Turkey is also often grown in Central Anatolia. Frankincense trees, which can grow up to 8 meters in height, are very strong and long-lasting trees. The most important feature of this tree species, which grows frequently in the Central Anatolia Region, is the resin it secretes on its trunk. This resin is very useful for human health.

What is Frankincense Gum?

Frankincense tree has a resin called oleoresin in its trunk. This resin spreading on the trunk of the tree is called “Frankincense plant” or “Frankincense gum”, this gum is also called “olibanum” in some regions. Scratches on the tree trunks allow the resin to flow, but the flowing resin is not collected immediately. The resins that have dried on the trees are collected by scraping. It has a unique smell and aroma. This resin collected from the tree hardens and changes color in 2 to 4 weeks. Frankincense is a type of gum obtained from the Frankincense tree. This gum, which is widely used in alternative medicine in India, is a very strong anti-inflammatory and is very beneficial for health.

What Are the Benefits of Frankincense Plant?

The Frankincense plant or gum obtained from the Frankincense tree contains a rich amount of ‘boswellic acid’ in its content. Boswellic acid is a very powerful anti-inflammatory. Thanks to this feature, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It also protects and strengthens the immune system.

It supports the treatment of many diseases such as skin health, upper respiratory tract diseases, cancer, edema, memory, especially lung health.

In addition to all these, mental illnesses also have a very positive effect. Frankincense herb acts as a natural antidepressant and supports the treatment of problems such as stress, anxiety disorder, and anxiety. It is antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Benefits of the Frankincense herb include:

It destroys bacteria, germs and parasites,

Protects teeth and gum health,

Prevents upper respiratory tract diseases, antitussive and expectorant,

Supports pancreatic, prostate and bladder cancer treatment, reduces cancer risk,

Protects skin health, cleans the skin, delays aging,

It protects the immune system,

Protects liver and lung health,

It relieves stomach pain and ache,

It is a strong anti-inflammatory, supports the treatment of diseases such as inflammatory rheumatism,

Frankincense, which is an inflammation dryer, provides edema from the body,

Treats infections such as abscesses,

Removes forgetfulness, strengthens memory,

It is good for chronic fatigue,

It is diuretic,

It facilitates digestion, removes indigestion,

It removes the hoarseness,

Used for scabies and fungal disease,

Provides rapid treatment of wounds.

What Is Frankincense Gum For?

Lung health

Frankincense is protective against lung diseases such as bronchitis and asthma thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect and rich boswellic acid it contains. It also supports the treatment of liver diseases such as fatty liver and liver staining.

It strengthens the immune system

Frankincense is very effective in treating ulcerative colitis (large intestine), Crohn’s disease (entire digestive system), collagenous colitis, inflammatory bowel diseases. It reduces complaints such as swelling, pain and burning caused by intestinal diseases. It repairs the inflammation and damage in the intestinal wall.

Restless leg syndrome

It can occur as a result of many reasons such as restless leg syndrome, iron deficiency, pregnancy, kidney disease. Frankincense is good for restless leg syndrome, which is a disease that significantly reduces the comfort of life.

Preventive against cancer

Frankincense destroys cancer cells and becomes a protective shield against cancer. It especially reduces the risk of prostate, bladder and pancreatic cancer. It supports treatment by destroying cancer cells.

Effective against rheumatism

Frankincense, a strong anti-inflammatory agent, prevents rheumatoid arthritis, ie inflammatory rheumatism, and supports treatment. Again, it eliminates complaints such as pain, inflammation and edema caused by inflammation.

Natural antidepressant

Frankincense, which protects the brain health and relieves stress and troubles, has a natural antidepressant effect.

Protects the skin, prevents aging

Frankincense gum protects and cleanses the skin and allows new cell formation. In this way, it prevents the formation of acne and acne. It provides elasticity to the skin and delays aging.

Provides treatment of skin wounds, eliminates problems such as abscesses and entanglements. It removes skin spots.

Resolves respiratory tract infections

Frankincense plant is very effective in treating respiratory diseases. It supports the treatment of diseases such as flu, cold and corona. It eliminates complaints such as cough and sore throat. Frankincense gum also has anti-inflammatory properties. In this way, it destroys the sputum accumulated in the lungs and is a powerful expectorant.

Meniscus tear

Frankincense has cell regenerative, anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties thanks to the boswellic acid, antioxidant substances and terpenes it contains. Thanks to these properties, it eliminates inflammation, edema and pain caused by meniscus tear, and helps repair damage.

Osteoarthritis (arthritis)

Studies have shown that Frankincense herb has a therapeutic effect on osteoarthritis. It removes complaints such as pain, burning and swelling caused by osteoarthritis, popularly known as arthritis. It is preferred as a supplement in the treatment of knee pain.

Does Daily Gum Weaken?

The answer to this question is yes. Frankincense gum, made from the resin of the diary tree, helps those who want to lose weight. Scientific studies have shown that chewing gum has positive effects on weight loss. By chewing gum, the mouth is constantly in motion, the desire to eat junk food is reduced due to boredom. As a result of chewing gum, a satiety signal is sent to the brain, so less food is needed. Also, chewing gum burns an average of 11 calories in 1 hour. Of course, Frankincense alone does not miraculously weaken the gum. Slimming occurs together with sports and a healthy, balanced diet. Other factors only help.

How to Use Frankincense?

You can easily find Frankincense plant or Frankincense gum from herbalists. It is used as daily gum, plaster, incense, paste, tea. In addition, many cosmetic products include Frankincense in supplements and medicines.

How to use Frankincense gum from herbalists?

It is used as an ointment or plaster for scabies and fungal disease.

Frankincense plant (gum) is crushed and powdered. This powder is mixed with water or yogurt and drunk.

Frankincense is also sold as a tablet, Frankincense tablets are consumed as recommended.

The Frankincense gum is heated in a heat-resistant container, the resulting Frankincense oil is diluted or added to milk and applied to the skin as a tonic.

Frankincense, which has its own scent, is used as an incense, this incense has a breath-opening and relaxing effect.

Powdered Frankincense is mixed with honey. This paste is used in the treatment of stomach ulcers, gastritis, cough.

Frankincense powder and aloe vera are made into paste. This cure is good for shortness of breath.

Daily chewing gum is consumed with dried grape. In this way, memory gets stronger and forgetfulness goes away.

Frankincense, in gum form, is heated a little and wrapped over the wounds, inflamed areas such as entanglements. In this process, it is necessary to pay attention to the heat, daily gum exposed to excessive heat can burn the skin.

Daily powdered honey is made with syrup. This syrup has a diuretic effect and is good for diseases such as diarrhea and rheumatism.

It is continued to chew in the mouth as daily chewing gum, there is no harm in swallowing the daily gum because it is natural gum, even it is useful.

Benefits of Chewing Frankincense Gum

The Frankincense plant is also very useful when chewed as its gum. Chewing gum daily is especially good for stomach problems. Regularly chewed daily gum opens shortness of breath, strengthens memory, removes stuttering, accelerates the speech of children who cannot speak, eliminates cough, expectorates, treats stomach wounds, eliminates digestive problems. It benefits stuttering when chewed with thyme. Frankincense gum releases a bitter water when chewed in the mouth, which is very effective in removing the accumulated edema in the body.

How to Make Natural Gum at Home?

We have mentioned the benefits of Frankincense gum, but since this gum is natural, it can stick to the tooth. The result of this would be a little difficult to chew. You can get rid of this problem by making natural gum at home. The ingredients for making chewing gum at home are:


2-3 spoons of milk

Making chewing gum at home

Pour the milk into a small heat-resistant bowl.

Fill a teapot or pot with water where the milk container will stand. However, this water should not touch the milk container. Preferably, lay a large perforated strainer cloth and place the Frankincens in the cloth. Place the strainer on the milk bowl.

Place the pot of water on the smallest compartment of the stove. As the water boils, the Frankincense gum will melt under the effect of the steam and drip into the bowl with milk. After the frankincense has melted, turn off the heat and let the milk cool. Your natural gum is ready. Thanks to this gum, you will not want to chew gum that is sold in the markets and contains a lot of additives. You will also be able to enjoy the benefits of Frankincense gum.

How Much Frankincense Should Be Consumed?

  2 teaspoons of Frankincense are ground into powder. Powdered daily gum is made into a paste with 2 teaspoons of natural honey, which is consumed on an empty stomach for 15 days.

In addition, 1-2 daily gum is chewed in the mouth.

Frankincense Losses

The side effects of Frankincense gum are almost nonexistent. However, as with any product, the amount is very important in daily gum. Daily gum consumed more than necessary can cause stomach swelling, cramps, nausea.

  It can cause allergies to people with allergies. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not consume without consulting a doctor.

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