How to Make Mulberry Vinegar? Is mulberry vinegar made from fresh mulberry or dry mulberry? What Are the Benefits of Mulberry Vinegar?

Mulberry is a fruit with a high nutritional content and also a high content. It is common to make molasses and fruit pulp from mulberry fruit, which has two types as white mulberry and black mulberry. In addition, the healing of this fruit is countless.

So, how is the vinegar of mulberry, which is a healing store, made? How to make white mulberry vinegar? How to make black mulberry vinegar? Is fresh or dried mulberry used in mulberry vinegar? What are the benefits of mulberry vinegar, what is it good for? We have compiled all the curiosities for you …

How to Make Mulberry Vinegar? Mulberry Vinegar Recipe

Mulberry is actually a very delicate fruit. The lucky ones grow the tree of this fruit in their garden and can consume fresh mulberry fruit from its branch. In addition, this fruit is a species that is highly affected by weather conditions. Hail, rain, wind or even fog causes the berry to be affected. Sometimes fruits are spilled due to weather conditions, sometimes they become unusable by burning while on the branch. In this case, it is necessary to evaluate the mulberry, which is so delicate and precious. Although the most commonly used method is to make molasses from mulberry, mulberry vinegar has also become very common lately.

So, how is mulberry vinegar made? Come to the mulberry vinegar recipe …

Ingredients for Black Mulberry Vinegar Recipe

1 kilo of black mulberries

4-5 chickpeas

1 tablespoon of natural honey

1 tea glass of apple cider vinegar or mother of vinegar


How to Make Black Mulberry Vinegar?

First of all, wash the mulberry thoroughly and remove excess water.

Place mulberries in a suitable glass container.

Add chickpeas and honey.

Add a tea glass of coke or mother of vinegar.

Finally, fill the container to the top with chlorine-free water. Mix all the ingredients well.

Cover the jar’s mouth with a clean cloth. Mix it with a wooden spoon several times during the day. Mixing process is very important in vinegar making.

Continue mixing until the ingredients settle to the bottom.

When the ingredients settle to the bottom, strain the vinegar and store the mulberry vinegar in a cool place.

How to Make Mulberry Vinegar?


One pound of white mulberries

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tea glass of vinegar mother or natural vinegar

4-5 chickpeas

A small slice of bread

White mulberry vinegar recipe

Wash the white mulberries well. Pour the washed mulberries into a pre-boiled glass jar.

Add chickpeas and honey to the jar.

Put the bread into a clean piece of cloth and form a pouch and place it in the jar.

Add vinegar or mother of vinegar to the ingredients.

Finally, fill the jar with non-chlorinated water and mix all the ingredients with a wooden spoon.

Close the jar’s mouth with a cloth. Mix the prepared vinegar several times a day with the help of a wooden spoon. When the ingredients in the vinegar have fallen, strain the vinegar and store it out of light.

How to Make Dry Mulberry Vinegar?

Is fresh or dried mulberry used in mulberry vinegar?

We can answer this question as follows;

“Both of them”

Yes, both fresh mulberry and dry mulberry can be used in making mulberry vinegar. You can use it to make vinegar whichever is available to you. So, go ahead with the dry mulberry vinegar recipe …

Making dry mulberry vinegar


2 glasses of dried mulberry

3-4 pomegranate peels

1 cup of natural vinegar

1 teaspoon of honey


Dry mulberry vinegar recipe

First of all, let’s wash the dried mulberries thoroughly and remove their excess water.

Let’s also wash the pomegranate peels thoroughly. This process is important, if the pomegranate peels are not washed well, the vinegar can become moldy.

Let’s divide the washed pomegranate peels in half and extract the juice by squeezing the pomegranate seeds inside. Let’s not throw away the pomegranate pulp.

Let’s put the pomegranate skins together with the pomegranate pulp in a glass jar.

Let’s put the dried mulberry in a glass jar.

Then natural vinegar and honey are added.

Finally, let’s fill the jar with water. Let’s cover the jar with a cloth and mix it with a wooden spoon every day.

Continue mixing until the ingredients are down to the bottom of the jar and then drain the vinegar.

Let’s keep the dry mulberry vinegar in a place away from light.

What Are the Benefits of Mulberry Vinegar, What Is Mulberry Vinegar Good For?

The benefits of the mulberry fruit, which are not satisfied with its taste, are countless. In fact, mulberry leaves and mulberry trees are very beneficial for human health. Yes, you did not read it wrong… Even a mulberry tree is beneficial for human health. In this case, think about the benefits of mulberry vinegar for human health.

So, what are the benefits of mulberry vinegar, what is mulberry vinegar good for? Let’s move on to the answer to the question …

Benefits of mulberry vinegar;

Mulberry is an antioxidant born. Thanks to this feature, it cleans the body from toxins. This feature is valid for its vinegar.

Mulberry vinegar contains iron, so it is good for anemia problem.

It maintains bone health and bone density.

It strengthens the immune system.

It destroys germs and bacteria.

It is a natural solution especially for mouth sores and aphthae.

It cuts cough and expectorates.

It strengthens the immune system.

It eliminates fungi, thanks to this feature, it supports psoriasis and eczema treatment.

It is a natural antibiotic that protects the body against diseases.

It regulates the intestinal flora and is good for constipation.

It is good for skin itching.

How to Use Mulberry Vinegar?

You can use mulberry vinegar, which can be made from black mulberry, white mulberry or even dried mulberry, in salads. You can also use it easily in foods such as cooking and pastry.

Among the benefits of black mulberry vinegar in particular, it is good for aphtha and mouth sore problems. Thanks to the mouthwash made with mulberry vinegar, you can solve the problem of mouth sores and aphthae. You can protect your skin health by using it in bath water. Vinegar diluted with water is obtained very beautiful, natural tonic.

Dry mulberry vinegar is beneficial for skin health such as eczema and psoriasis. You can find solutions to problems such as eczema and psoriasis by cleaning the problematic area with dried mulberry vinegar.

You can solve cough and sputum problems by gargling with mulberry vinegar.

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