What is borage grass, what are its benefits, what is it good for? How to Cook Borage, Where to Find It?

Borage grass, the harbinger of spring, is a member of the Hodangiller family. What is borage grass, which is also known by different names among the people? What are the benefits of borage grass, what is it good for? How to use borage herb, how to cook it. How is borage oil made? Are calfula and borage grass the same plants? We have compiled all the curiosities for you …

What is Borage Grass?

Borage is a perennial plant belonging to the Borage family. The homeland of this plant, whose Latin name is “Borago officinalis”, is Syria. In addition, South America, North Africa, grows in countries such as Turkey. There are five triangular pointed leaves on the top of the five narrow leaves of the plant. It mostly blooms with blue colored flowers, but there are also rare varieties with pink and white flowers.

In some regions, borage grass is known by names such as otan, beef tongue, dahlia, odan, galdirik, turban, zılbıt, spit, and zambil flower.

The plant is an annual weed, frost-resistant borage likes dry or moist soils. This highly durable plant grows in areas such as meadows, forests, river banks and roadsides.

Borage, which can grow up to 1 meter in height, blooms in March, April, May and June.

The seed, leaf and stem of the plant are used. This plant, which grows in many countries around the world, is grown in many cities, especially in the Black Sea, in our country.

What Are the Benefits of Borage Grass?

It has a pain relieving effect, relieves pain such as rheumatism, headache, menstrual pain.

It is a complete calcium store, therefore protects bone health and improves bone quality.

Borage, which is rich in calcium, is also potassium-rich. Thanks to this feature, it protects cardiovascular health.

Another feature of potassium is to balance blood pressure. This plant, which contains plenty of potassium in it, balances blood pressure and is especially recommended for people who do not use salt.

It has expectorant properties. It also stops chronic cough.

Being a pain reliever and expectorant, borage relieves sore throats.

It is diuretic, so it removes the excess fluids and edema that accumulate in the body through urine.

It has anti-inflammatory properties. It removes the inflammation that accumulates in the body.

The most well-known feature of borage grass is that it is calming. This herb, which was given to soldiers in ancient times, supports the nervous system and removes it from stress and nerves.

Being a natural sedative, borage herb is a solution to complaints such as insomnia and depression.

It nourishes the skin, prevents the formation of skin, skin and acne.

It eliminates cellulite and skin cracks.

It relieves skin problems such as itching, redness, swelling and irritation.

It has a diaphoretic and antipyretic effect.

It reduces bone resorption.

It supports the treatment of prostate cancer.

What Is Borage Good For?

It is a natural sedative, eliminating stress and boredom.

Provides comfortable sleep

Pain reliever, anti-inflammatory

It is antipyretic.

Nourishes the skin, prevents acne and acne.

It removes problems such as skin cracks, skin spots, cellulite.

It throws edema.

It protects bone health, cardiovascular health.

It removes phlegm and stops coughing.

In which month does borage grass come out, how is it cooked?

Borage, the harbinger of spring, takes its place on the market stalls from April to October, depending on the region. Meals and salads are made from the fresh leaves of borage. Again, dishes such as roasting, frying and salads are obtained from its stems. In addition, the pickles of this plant are very tasty.

The stems of the borage grass should be thoroughly washed before cooking and soaked in vinegar water for a while. It can paint the hand while cleaning, so it is useful to use gloves. The cleaned plant should be boiled for about half an hour, then the desired meal should be prepared.

Borage grass is used fresh as well as dried. Very good tea is obtained from the dried borage. Dried borage herb can be found very easily in herbalists or the plant taken in season can be dried at home.

Borage Side Effects

This herb has no known serious side effects. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and those using chronic medication.

Borage Oil Benefits

It is good for rheumatism pain.

It resolves stress, depression, sleep disorder problems.

It relaxes the body and is good for muscle and joint pain.

It is an edema remover.

It has diaphoretic properties, lowers high fever.

It is good for sore throat, it removes phlegm.

It is good for skin problems such as redness, swelling and irritation on the skin.

It nourishes the skin, eliminates acne and acne.

It removes cellulite, which is the nightmare of women.

Oil obtained from borage seed is good for knee pain.

It is anti-inflammatory.

It is cell regenerative, it is good for diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

It relieves itching on the skin.

It eliminates fine lines on the skin and meets the moisture need of the skin.

Borage oil significantly increases the impulses to the brain, thus supporting the treatment of Alzeheimer.

It is a friend of women entering menopause, eliminates hot flashes and sweating complaints caused by menopause.

Fights cancer, especially effective against prostate cancer

How To Use Borage Oil, Is It Drinked?

Borage oil is a drinkable oil, it can be drunk a teaspoon a day. It can also be used as a massage oil. The oil used as a massage oil should be applied to clean skin.

Can borage oil be used around the eyes?

The answer to this question is “yes”, borage oil can be used around the eyes with gentle movements. However, people with sensitive skin should first use it on another part of the body.

Does Borage Oil Weaken?

Borage seed oil contains an acid called gamma-linolenic. This acid balances the proteins in the body. It also reduces the need to overeat by reducing appetite. Thanks to these features, it helps people who want to lose weight.

Is Borage Oil Used in Babies?

Borage oil is very good for scalp scalp, known as host, which is seen especially in babies under one year old. Thanks to this oil, you can easily get rid of the hosts formed in babies. Before bathing, massage a few drops of borage oil on the heads of babies, then comb their hair. You will see that the mansions disappear.

Borage Seed Oil Side Effects

Although rare, borage oil can cause complaints such as constipation, nausea, indigestion, swelling, and redness on the skin. It is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

In addition, it may interact with some drugs, so chronic patients and drug users should not use it without consulting a doctor.

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