What is Eyebright? What Is Eyebright Good For, What Are Its Benefits?

Eyebright is a herbaceous plant that grows between 5 and 25 cm tall, with a white exterior and a part of yellow flowers. The plant is used quite often for medical purposes. So what is Eyebright? Where does Eyebright grow? What are the benefits of Eyebright, what is it good for? How to use Eyebright? We have compiled all the curiosities for you …

What is Eyebright?

Eyebright is a herbaceous plant that can grow between 5-25 cm tall, with a white exterior and a part of yellow flowers. Birtinin flower has taken this name because it resembles the shape of the eye. Also, this plant is a beneficial plant for eye health, so some people argue that its name is ‘Eyebright’.

The herb is used quite often as a complementary therapy. Very beautiful flowers are used to benefit from Eyebright’s healing.

Eyebright contains some alkaloids and glycosides. Eyebright’s Latin name is known as ‘Euphrasia officinalis’. The flower of the plant is located in the middle of it. Its leaves stand upright.

Where Is Eyebright Grown?

Its homeland is Central and Eastern Europe, Southwest Asia, and the Caucasus countries. The plant, which comes from the family of Cucurbitaceae, also grows as a culture plant, and grows spontaneously in nature. 4 types of this plant, which has many types, are used in the medical field.

Eyebright grows in lawns, pastures, parts of forests. Eyebright, a semi-parasitic plant, often grows next to plants such as couch grass.

What Are Eyebright Benefits, What Is It Good For?

As the name of Eyebright suggests, it is particularly effective in eye diseases. It has anti-inflammatory, mild pain relieving properties. Eyebright’s main benefits are:

It relieves eye flu.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and removes eye inflammations.

It is good for eye strain.

Prevents stinging problem.

It speeds up the treatment of the common cold.

Sore throat eliminates cough problem.

Eyebright is good for sinusitis problem.

This plant, also known as Eyebright, is good for stomach ailments.

It removes indigestion and facilitates digestion.

It is good for stomach and intestinal bloating.

It cleans the skin and protects the health of the skin.

It prevents acne and acne formation, eliminates acne.

This plant that nourishes the skin prevents wrinkles and delays aging.

It is vascular constrictor, prevents bleeding.

It has mild pain relief properties.

How to Use Eyebright?

Except for the root of the plant, it is used in making tea, tincture, tonic and natural medicine. Tea obtained from the plant can be drunk, it is also used as a tincture and tonic.

Eyebright tea, tincture or tonic should be made fresh with each use.

Eye bath can be made with the tea obtained from the plant. Eyebright tea compress is used for eye fever, eye inflammation problems.

How to Make Eyebright Tea?

A glass of water is put on the stove and left to boil. A teaspoon of Eyebright herb is added over the boiling water and the stove is turned off. Eyebright tea is brewed for 5 to 10 minutes, then strained or used as a tincture or tonic.

Compress is made from Eyebright tea for eye strain and sore eyes.

Eyebright tea is used by drinking for stomach and digestive problems.

This tea is used as a tonic for acne and acne.

When, How to Collect and How to Store Eyebright?

Eyebright, which is especially beneficial for eye health, is a plant that must be complied with in terms of collection, drying and storage.

Eyebright is harvested from June to the end of October. While it is harvested, it is cut 5 cm above the ground and made into bunches. The root parts of the plant are dried under the sun. However, the medicinal leaves and flowers of the Eyebright plant are not dried under the sun, but in the shade. The plant should not be dried longer than necessary. The quality of the beneficial essential oils of the Eyebright plant, which is dried too long, decreases. The dried plant is packaged and removed.

Eyebright Plant Damages

Eyebright has no known, detected damage. However, the dosage of the herb is important, too much Eyebright may cause side effects. Its effect on pregnant, breastfeeding women and children has not been scientifically studied, so it is not recommended. People with chronic diseases and those using chronic medications should not use Eyebright herb without consulting a doctor.

Where to Find Eyebright?

Eyebright can easily be found in herbalists, spice shops, places selling natural products, and online shopping sites. Eyebright is sold as a dried herb, as well as Eyebright tablets, capsules and drops in various forms. Many different brands offer products obtained from Eyebright and Eyebright for sale. While shopping, it is necessary to choose reliable brands.

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