What is Cornflower? What Are Cornflower Benefits, What Is It Good For?

What is Cornflower that grows spontaneously in nature and manifests itself with its color?

What is Cornflower good for, what are its benefits? Where does it grow? How is Cornflower oil made, how is it used? We have compiled all the curiosities for you …

Cornflower, also known as cornflower, is actually a member of the daisy family. This plant, which is immediately evident with its bright, vibrant color, has a great place especially in European countries. It is even known as the national flower of some countries.

What is Cornflower?

Cornflower is actually a member of the daisy family. It got its name from its bright and vibrant blue-purple color. The height of this plant varies between 40 and 90 cm. It is among the angiosperm and dicotyledonous plants.

This plant, whose Latin name is “Centaurea Cyanus”, is known as “Cornflower” in English. The Cornflower plant is especially important for Europe. In fact, Estonia’s national flower is Cornflower.

Where Does Cornflower Grow?

Cornflower, which is of great importance in Europe and even the symbol of some countries and political parties, is a plant that frequently grows in Central Europe. However, this magnificent flower called blue cornflower grows spontaneously in our country. It is possible to come across Cornflowers especially on the roadsides and between the fields.

What Is Cornflower Good for?

Cornflower is an ancient plant. It is often preferred in salads, meals and as tea, especially in Europe. Again, the benefits to human health are countless. People with an appetite problem often choose Cornflower. It is also widely used for eye health. It has a pain relieving effect. It is expectorant, cuts cough, relieves bronchitis and shortness of breath. It protects the digestive system and is good for indigestion. It has antioxidant properties. It is diuretic, protects kidney health. Supports the treatment of gout disease. It removes skin diseases such as itching.

What are the Benefits of Cornflower?

Cornflower’s biggest impact is on eye health. It eliminates problems such as eye strain and bags under the eyes. It is especially recommended for those who look at the computer screen for a long time.

It passes the ailments caused by gout.

It is diuretic, removes edema and toxins from the body.

Protects skin health, cleans and nourishes the skin.

It relieves itching on the skin.

It has pain relieving properties and is good for rheumatic pain.

It cleans the urinary tract, passes the urinary tract infection.

Protects kidney health.

It is good for diarrhea.

It is an antioxidant.

It protects the digestive system, prevents indigestion.

It relieves cough, expectorates.

It is good for bronchitis and shortness of breath.

It has an appetizing feature and is recommended for those who want to gain weight.

How to Use Cornflower?

Cornflower is often used in European countries in cooking, salads. In addition, Cornflower tea is among the commonly consumed teas. In addition to these, Cornflower oil and Cornflower water are among its usage areas. Also known as cornflower, this plant is very beneficial for skin health. Cornflower tea can be made to benefit from its skin health benefits. In addition, skin health can be supported by taking a steam bath.

For a steam bath, the leaves and flowers of this plant are boiled and placed in a large bowl. Later, the bowl is leaned over, and the head is covered with a towel. Thus, the steam of the water cannot escape. It is waited like this for 15 minutes. Then the face is washed with cold water.

How to Make Cornflower Tea?

Cornflower tea is made from dried herb. Cornflower leaves and flowers are collected and sorted in the early morning, then washed away. The cleaned leaves and Cornflower flowers are dried in a shady place. The dried flowers and leaves are put into boiling water and infused. Half a teaspoon of centaury is added into a glass of boiling water. One or two cups a day can be drunk, sweetened with honey. Cornflower tea is very beneficial for health. Cornflower tea benefits include:

It strengthens the immune system.

Eliminates skin itching.

Cleans the skin, prevents acne and acne formation.

Eye strain destroys the under eye bag.

It is antioxidant

It dehydrates, removes edema and toxins from the body.

It renews the skin and delays aging.

It relaxes the body.

It softens the breast, treats diseases such as cough and bronchitis.

Cleans the sand formed in the kidney

It is anti-inflammatory.

It relieves joint pains and rheumatic pains.

It is good for diarrhea.

How to Use Cornflower on Eye?

The benefits of cornflower for human health are quite high. Eye health comes first among these. It is especially effective in eliminating problems such as eye strain and under-eye bags.

Cornflower is used for eye strain and under eye bag as follows;

A tablespoon of Cornflower is added to a glass of boiling water. In this way, it is kept for 10 minutes. Cornflower is then allowed to cool by draining. Eye bath and cold compress are applied with the remaining water. Again, Cornflower water is poured into a piece of gauze. The eye is covered with gauze soaked in centaury juice and left for 10 minutes. In this application, it is very effective in relieving eye fatigue.

How to Make Cornflower Oil?

We talked about the benefits of cornflower for the skin. The benefits of the plant to the skin are quite high. For this reason, it is preferred in many cosmetic products, especially face and neck creams.

Essential oil is obtained by distilling the cornflower plant. This essential oil is a bit expensive in price. However, the oil of this plant is obtained by maceration method among the people, that is, by soaking Cornflower in olive oil.

Centaury oil production by maceration method;

Cornflowers collected early in the morning are cleaned and dried. The flowers and leaves of the plant are plucked and placed in a glass container. Then a quality olive oil is added on it. In this way, it is kept for 40 days.

Benefits of Cornflower Oil

Cleans the skin

Refreshes the skin, delays aging, eliminates fine lines like crow’s feet

It removes dark circles under the eyes.

It removes the under eye bag.

It removes sun spots, wounds and burn spots formed on the skin.

It relieves joint pains and rheumatism pains.

How to Make Cornflower Cream?


10 ml. grape seed oil

10 ml. coffee bean oil

10 ml. Cornflower oil

10 ml. coconut oil

Making Cornflower Cream;

Cornflower oil, grapeseed oil, coffee seed oil and coconut oil are mixed. This mixture is applied to the skin with light massage movements before going to bed at night. You should not go out in the sun after applying Cornflower cream. Sensitive skin should use it every other day.

Cornflower side effects

Cornflower plant is not recommended for pregnant women, children, chronic patients, and those using chronic medication.

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