How to Make Strawberry Vinegar Recipe? What Does Strawberry Vinegar Do?

Strawberry is one of the fruits that has a calming effect. Strawberry, which is widely used in making jam, marmalade, cake and cake, is one of the most popular fruits of the summer months. It is also used in making strawberry vinegar, which is immediately evident with its fragrant smell and magnificent color. How to make strawberry vinegar, what is the use of strawberry vinegar? What are the benefits of strawberry vinegar? We have compiled all the curious ones for you…

Strawberry, the herald of the summer months, is not only consumed as a fruit. It is a fruit widely consumed as jam, marmalade, compote and fruit juice. However, in recent years, it is also popularly used in vinegar making.

How to Make Strawberry Vinegar Recipe?

Strawberry vinegar ingredients;

half a kilo of strawberries

Half a tea glass of organic vinegar (strawberry vinegar, apple, grape, etc. vinegars)

glass jar

Strawberry Vinegar Recipe

Strawberries are washed one by one and waited for the water to drain.

Then it is chopped into small pieces. Chopped strawberries are placed in a clean glass jar.

Add half a tea glass of organic, homemade vinegar to it.

The mouth of the jar is closed with a clean cloth, and the shade is placed in a place that does not see the sun.

It is mixed once a week, strawberry vinegar will be ready at the end of an average of 6 weeks.

After the vinegar is ready, it is filtered and separated from its pulp. The filtered vinegar is placed back in the glass jar and kept in the sun-free environment for an average of 20 days. The duration of strawberry vinegar differs according to the ambient temperature.

What Does Strawberry Vinegar Do?

Strawberry vinegar can be added to salads and meals. It is also added to many sauces, adding flavor to the flavor of the sauce. Strawberry vinegar is used as a skin tonic. It is an antioxidant, thus protecting the body against diseases. It has a calming effect, protects the digestive system.

Strawberry vinegar, which is a store of vitamin C, is very beneficial for human health.

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Vinegar?

The main benefits of strawberry vinegar are:

Strawberry vinegar has a calming effect, relieves stress and tension.

It cleans the blood.

It is beneficial for oral and dental health, protects the gums, eliminates bad breath.

It protects the digestive system, relieves indigestion.

It is good for rheumatism.

Protects liver health.

It helps to lower bad cholesterol.

It reduces the risk of cancer.

It is a complete vitamin C store, reduces the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

It helps to maintain cardiovascular health.

Strawberry vinegar, which is used as a tonic, prevents acne and acne formation.

It helps to remove dark circles under the eyes.

It is diuretic, it relieves edema.

Balances blood sugar.

It helps to prevent stomach and intestinal laziness.

How to Use Strawberry Vinegar?

Strawberry vinegar can be easily used in dishes, sauces and salads. Strawberry vinegar consumed for healing can be diluted with water and drunk. Strawberry vinegar, which is also very beneficial for skin health, can be added to skin masks.

How to Make Strawberry Stem Vinegar?

Vinegar is not only made from the fruit of the strawberry, its stems can also be used to make vinegar. Ingredients for vinegar from strawberry stalks are as follows;

Half a kilo of strawberries

2 cups organic homemade vinegar

1 teaspoon of organic honey


Strawberry Stem Vinegar Recipe

Let’s place the strawberry stalks in a clean glass jar. Then add the vinegar and organic honey on it. Let’s fill the entire jar with chlorine-free drinking water. Let’s cover the mouth of the jar with a clean cheesecloth or cloth. Let it stand for 3 weeks in a place that does not see the sun. Then let’s strain it.

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